Motivated people. Amazing results.


I am very privileged to work with people that are highly motivated and committed. They arduously pursue their quest in becoming the best that they can, in health, work and other areas of their life.

Their commitment and perseverance inspire myself to invest the best effort that I can, to guide and motivate many others in their quest for a better health. I wish to thank them, therefore, for investing their trust in my advice and guidance.

Remember that the improvement in body composition and appearance represents just one of the markers of marked improvement in overall health.

There are no miracles involved, no meal replacement toxic products. No pills, no calorie counting, no hunger. Instead plenty of wholesome and nourishing foods that our ancestors ate and thrived on for millennia.


After 12 weeks of training with Lucian I am 15 kilos lighter and feel 10 years younger.
Lucian's help and support since March helped me achieve and build on my motivation to look good on the best day of my life.

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Working on becoming a better mover with @_alexnino_ #eatfatgetlean

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