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What to expect from Lucian’s coaching?

Develop mobility to increase active range of motion

Strength train with a combination of bodyweight-based yoga and gymnastics

Focus on longevity for spine & joints health, injury prevention and overall quality of movement

Get personalised nutritional coaching

Receive support, motivation and accountability

Are you ready to unlock your movement potential, lose weight and feel reinvigorated?

How are clients rating his coaching and what results you can expect to achieve:

Lucian is a great PT. He’s very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and his training sessions are challenging and effective. I am more toned than I have been in years. Highly recommend him
— Joanna L
I started at 118.6kg and went down to 94kg in under 5 months, that alone says it all.
Eat real food to see real results. He’s not your regular trainer that sends you on a treadmill, bike or cross trainer for 20mins.
Lucian concentrates on functional movement and moving your body the way it was designed to move. Eating real food and staying away from processed meats and modified food.
I really enjoyed my time with lucian, it’s the best thing I’ve done. Following his diet and exercise plan really works for any body size or shape...
— Mohammed P
It is the best experience I had with Personal training. Lucian has changed my lifestyle completely. Within 5 months I have lost 10 kilos and learned how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lucian has always paid attention to the details and tailor sessions taking in consideration my health issues and my strength. He encouraged me to include sport in my daily life and I am loving it!
— Irina D


Are you ready to transform your health and your body?

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About Lucian

Lucian obtained his Advanced Personal Training Diploma in 2009 and furthered his knowledge with an Diploma in Exercise Referral in 2013.

He graduated from University of Greenwich with a Bachelor of Sports Science degree in 2013. During his undergraduate studies he worked in community centres around East London as a Fitness Instructor.

In September 2013 he started employing full time to one-on-one personal training and health coaching. Using his integrated method, Lucian has worked successfully with numerous clients, constantly evolving his approach to ensure that his clients have access to the most cutting edge and proven methods of body fat reduction and the most comprehensive support through his programmes.

His focus is on coaching an individualised movement practice and a diet approach that is based on biology and science as opposed to dogmas and beliefs.