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Eat Fat Get Lean

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Eat Fat get lean - Nutrition coaching

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Our approach to fat metabolism is based on our best current understanding of human biology, not clownish calorie counting or meal replacement garbage shakes. Humans are complex biological creatures with brains, hormones and emotions that regulate appetite and wellbeing. If you are storing excess fat around your waist or have diabetes in-situ you are among 70-80% of the population suffering from insulin resistance. 

Your metabolism is likely damaged on a continuum related to your ability to metabolise sugar - otherwise named carbohydrate. Our approach seeks therefore to restore or preserve metabolic health by completely eliminating processed foods and nourishing your body with real foods only (animals and plants of the sea and land) containing primarily the essentials fats and proteins and limiting the nonessential carbohydrates below your safe metabolic threshold. 

A wealth of online resources and content:

  • 70 high quality video recipes
  • 250 delicious healthy recipes in text&pictures format
  • 80 pre-tailored weekly meal plans (that can be tailored to you by your coach)
  • meal and carb tracker tools
  • lectures and goal setting tools

Plus the support and guidance of an experienced coach

  • online throughout the duration of your program via text/email
  • once weekly face to face as a group session



Get the full Eat Fat Get Lean - Nutrition Coaching with the addition of 1:1 exercise sessions 

The signature personal training program fully inclusive a tailored nutrition detailed above plus:

  • 12 (twelve) physical movement coaching sessions one to one with Lucian - available in Leytonstone only
  • Acquire strength, flexibility, mobility and power
  • Custom build exercise programs with pictures and videos for additional exercise sessions that you will perform by yourself
  •  Customised vest or t-shirt

Payment split in two equal instalments at start and at week three