Motivated people. Amazing results.


I am very privileged to work with people that are highly motivated and committed. They arduously pursue their quest in becoming the best that they can, in health, work and other areas of their life.

Their commitment and perseverance inspire myself to invest the best effort that I can, to guide and motivate many others in their quest for a better health. I wish to thank them, therefore, for investing their trust in my advice and guidance.

Remember that the improvement in body composition and appearance represents just one of the markers of marked improvement in overall health.

There are no miracles involved, no meal replacement toxic products. No pills, no calorie counting, no hunger. Instead plenty of wholesome and nourishing foods that our ancestors ate and thrived on for millennia.


After 12 weeks of training with Lucian I am 15 kilos lighter and feel 10 years younger.
Lucian's help and support since March helped me achieve and build on my motivation to look good on the best day of my life.

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Well done Bridget for proving that a diet based solely on wholesome foods can heal our bodies and make them stronger no matter what age.

Stronger and slimmer than ever Anam is now a model and health coach for his friends and family! I couldn't be happier!

Well done to Anam who went from size XXL to M in just 5 months! Follow us to see how he will become a bodybuilder.

Some video testimonials as they occurred

Thank you Lucian, you are the best! Happy days: I have lost nearly 10kg and 2 dress sizes in just 12 weeks.
— Bridget Power


Omar R. - 12 Weeks Body Challenge


I’ve been training with Lucian for about ten weeks now, and in this short space of time, I can genuinely say that I have noticed a number of positive differences.

Thus far, I’ve lost a total of 10.5kg (from 78.5kg to 68kg), bearing in mind that I am also building muscle mass. In addition, my blood pressure (BP) readings have significantly improved; it was fluctuating around 170/101 to start off with (extremely high for someone of my age – 26yo!), but now they’re consistently around 116/66.

If you want to achieve real results, from a really knowledgeable, committed and approachable personal trainer, Lucian is the guy - check out his website to see his success stories!!!

Scott Ayres - 12 Weeks Body Challenge

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I have been training with Lucian now for 12 weeks since end of February 2014. During this time I lost 15 kilos from 110.7 to 95.5kg.

Since my exercise consisted mostly of weight lifting and strength training (which I wasn't doing much off before) my body fat percentage decreased from 33% to 25%. I believe I weigh the same as 10 years ago and I am committed to continue with my regimen until I achieve a leaner body. I now know how to do it.

Unlike other personal trainers I know Lucian was 100% committed to helping me achieve my objectives and not just in it for the money. I couldn't recommend you more to follow his diet and exercise program simply because it works. I struggled to lose weight for many years despite going to the gym and doing what I believed to be working but little avail. I learned now how to eat, what to avoid and how to exercise and I am confident and determined to continue. I also know that Lucian is just a ring away and if I will be stuck he'll be willing to help.
My only disappointment about these last 12 weeks is I know have to buy a whole new wardrobe for my holiday in June 2014 ;).
I am very happy that this years holiday photos will be belly free.
Only wish I did it before so don't do what I did and wait.

Ring Lucian today for a free consultation and change your life forever.
I can guarantee it be worth every penny.

Zara Nubheebucus - 6 Weeks Body Challenge

personal trainer bethnal green.jpg

I literally suffered from extreme bloating, acid reflux, fatigue and my confidence within my appearance was low due to being overweight.

I explained him all the different things I was feeling and Lucian put me on a nutritious diet, he was so informative and kept me updated constantly with eating ideas and research about being wheat free.

Within the first week I noticed a difference my stomach was not bloated my acid reflux has disappeared. I was also gyming before I started training with Lucian and believed I was doing everything right but my weight was not shifting nor was I getting stronger. But now after 6 weeks I have increased strength, my core is stronger and I am able to endure more high intensity exercise. After completing 6 weeks with Lucian I have not only achieved amazing results, but I am now making this a lifestyle change as I have felt the benefits of this way of eating and exercising.

I now have no acid reflux barely any stomach aches all the things my GP was telling me to do over the years didn't work tests after test medication after medication and all I had to do was find someone who is as knowledgeable in nutritional science. Lucian is very attentive towards an individuals needs and will sent constant research to aid the process. I found that over the years of going to the gym and trying to eat what I thought was healthy I was unable to shift the weight. I am now feeling more happy and confident in myself.

Even though I have completed my six weeks of training I will continue to train with Lucian as I believe we can always keep improving and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I now am a firm believer in the Eat fat get lean theory!

Bridget Power - 12 Weeks Body Challenge

personal trainer wanstead.jpg

I am not an aspiring sportsperson of any description so why did I turn to Lucian for support?

I am middle aged with arthritic ankles, knees and fingers and stomach ulcers. My outlook - definite medication and possible walking aid support for life (I was already in tremendous pain just to climb stairs) what did I gain?

With Lucian's support I now have a totally pain free body without medication, boundless energy, a love of Eating Fat and avoiding Wheat to nourish my body and live healthy and I can lift 60kg free weights.

All this achieved in just 6 months!

I had a message from the Bride at a family wedding I attended last weekend, her words:-" thanks u were great, a role model for staying active n young xxxx" I never left the dance floor from 8pm to 2 am! 6 months ago I would have attempted one or two dances and given up.


Vanessa Mante - 8 Weeks Body Challenge

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After 8 good weeks of training with Lucian I increased my deadlift and squat strength from 20kg to 60kg. I was avoiding wearing skirts and shorts before. After just 8 weeks my dimples around the thighs were gone and I am feeling much better. My body fits completely differently in clothing and now I will be running about in shorts whenever the opportunity shows up :) I was gym-ing before but I wasn't doing it right plus my eating was all to the contrary of my objectives. Having a trainer like Lucian who prepares you to progress by yourself after you finished his program is great because not only you get to know the how but also the why. My confidence is sky-high and I will go on and keep on progressing with my training and achieve super-results.



Sohail Mohammed, 6 Weeks Body Challenge


I was feeling pretty bad, bloated, fat and drained of energy when I started the program.

Today I feel much better. I no longer have migraines or headaches, my blood glucose dropped from 9mmol/L to 5mmol/L in a matter of weeks.

After 6 weeks I lost 7 kg and at 10 weeks I was 10 kg lighter. Working with Lucian helped me get the confidence and the right advice and I know that there's nothing in my way stopping me now. I completely changed what I eat and how I train.

I completely cut out the toxic foods and drinks from my diet. Why would you want to "treat" your body with rubbish? 

I was running 15 km every week before, and did that for several months. Result? My weight did not shift a kilo and I went to hospital several times for knee problems.

Today I strength train 2-3 days per week and want to get down to 83 kg by next summer when I'm gonna re-start ridding my bike.



George Por, 6 Weeks Personal Training

I always knew that I have to exercise and that exercise would be good for my body and for my health. I tried many times before to take on exercise as a lifestyle and bought gym memberships, home equipment but I was lacking enthusiasm and was seeing exercise as a chore.

That was until recently when I met Lucian at a gym that I was frequenting! He helped me to see exercise pleasurable and together we figured out which exercises and machines are beneficial for me. He wrote me exercise program and took videos of me exercising and put them in a media format for me to be able to independently exercise.

Probably what I enjoyed most about working with him, was the fact that he is a very caring individual and really wanted to turn on my desire to exercise. He succeeded because know I am exercising regularly, even when I am abroad, and I am grateful to Lucian.