Warning: healthy eating guidelines may cause diabetes!

Ancient foods causing new diseases

Recently an analysis of the only six dietary trials that have been published before the dietary recommendations were introduced in 1977 US and UK 1983 in 2500 sick men was performedIt was revealed that there was no evidence in support of their introduction.



You can read the full text article published in OpenHeart BMJ that trigerred the headlines in the news last week here. It has also been commented in Daily MailExpressTimeThe Telegraph and The Guardian and in many more.

The first dietary guidelines introduced in 1977 in the US advocated a high sugar diet (made of 50-60% sugar).

The policy proposed primarily that grains and toxic industrial oils - margarines and other seed oils - should replace ancient real foods - animal fats, eggs, dairy and meat.

Thus ancient foods, eaten for millines, were blamed to cause new diseases, in particular heart disease. At the time by pure coincidence it happened that smoking prevalence in these countries was at its peak. The same nutritional policy was institutionalised by governments around the world in the following years. UK followed suit in 1983. Above the newest and most hideous graphical representation of UK recommendations, full of grains and processed food, to which most brits abide to.

These guidelines were based solely on engrained beliefs and are without scientific foundation. They represent essentially a set of lies supporting the corporate US commercial interests.


There was no valid and reliable (experimental) scientific evidence to support such dietary policy at the time when it was proposed, nor has this evidence been produced since. That is simply because the hypothesis that was first proposed - that dietary fat was the culprit for heart disease - was false. However the results of this big experiment which enrolled the whole US and UK population are rather remarkable as the figure above highlights (data from CDC here).

Anyone in possession of a human brain needs cholesterol

After 40 years of reinforcing the a completely erroneous policy, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee reported last week that cholesterol is no longer “considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption” confirming thus accumulating research findings since the 1950's that contradicted the diet-heart hypothesis. In practical dietary terms, westerners were vigorously advised to avoid eggs, cheese, animal fats and meats in favour of the fake plastic "foods" developed by a benevole industrial machinery ready to save everybody from clogging artery saturated fats.

How can such blunders pass silently trough a ignorant public opinion when they affect millions of lives around the world and cause more disease and sufferance than any other plague?

Which organisations stand to benefit and what strategies they employ?


Why are the dietary authorities continue with their dangerous recommendations? They are dangerous because the advice to exchange saturated fat and cholesterol with carbohydrates has been followed by worldwide epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The people that institutionalised this wicked policy are clearly responsible and need to be held accountable.

In the mean time the chief advisors for the government and NHS are on the pay roll of the chemical conglomerates (so called processed food) that are using the tobacco model to spread misinformation and corrupt scientists. You can read more in an investigation performed by British Medical Journal: How Sweet It Is to Be Funded by Big Sugar.

Official dietary guidelines have also spawned the lucrative statin industry – blockbuster cholesterol - lowering drugs that have become the most prescribed drug on the planet bringing in more than 25 billion $ per year.

Looking like you're living in the gansta's paradise?

The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest defrauder of the US federal government under the False Claims Act. Roche led a cartel that, according to the US Justice Department’s antitrust division, was the most pervasive and harmful criminal antitrust conspiracy ever uncovered. Multibillion dollar fines have been levied on all of the big companies (almost all in the USA), though the company’s profits are so huge they are regarded as marketing expenses.

The power to change is really in your hand

It took society more than 40 years to chase tobacco companies from the western countries to the developing countries where they are making more profits than ever.

How long will it take you to start researching about this issue and stop relying on corrupt and commercially driven guidelines?

It took me 3 months of research to realise that 50% of what I've been taught on my degree was utter BS.

You may be able to do better. Start by reading/listening/following these people if you have a doubt that the experts that write the official guidelines are corrupt and biased.

Gary Tubes - Good Calories, Bad Calories, Nina Teicholz - Big Fat Surprise, Tim Noakes - The Real Meal Revolution and many others in the references that they list.

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To connect the dots, follow me as I will analyse the evidence from RCTs supporting a diet based on grains. In particular, I will summarise whether a diet based on whole grains - which is being tutted consistently as the mantra for metabolic health - is better than one based on refined grains - arguably the worst that you can consume.