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Three years of Eat Fat Get Lean

Here are the before and after pictures:

  • Timeframe: 3 years
  • Lifestyle: Eat Fat Get Lean 
    • Real food only
    • High quality animal foods (high welfare) mainly
    • Zero wheat/barley/rye grains
    • Carbohydrate containing plant foods to level of insulin resistance/sensitivity
    • Physical fitness - focus on improvement of movement complexity 
    • Level of compliance 95-100%


eat fat get lean

june 2017


age: 35 years; 


body fat estimate 8-10%

old pic.jpg

june 2014



age: 32 years; 

body fat estimate 8-10%

How did your health/body composition change over the past three years? Time to consider Eat Fat Get Lean?

Start by downloading the poster below and stick it on your fridge.

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Is organic healthier or not?

Brief answer: depends what commercial interests you have or protect.

From a health perspective you have to be wise and look at the whole picture. Let's have a brief look at what organic entails and who's barking against it.

new study finds that organic crops, on average, have higher concentrations of antioxidants:

  • phenolic acids 19 (95 % CI 5, 33) %,
  • flavanones 69 (95 % CI 13, 125) %,
  • stilbenes 28 (95 % CI 12, 44) %,
  • flavones 26 (95 % CI 3, 48) %,
  • flavonols 50 (95 % CI 28, 72) % and
  • anthocyanins 51 (95 % CI 17, 86) % higher, 

respectively and lower concentrations of Cd and a lower incidence of pesticide residues than the non-organic comparators across regions and production seasons.

Sounds pretty common sense to me that if you use less chemicals on the plants that you grow there will be less toxic residues in your foods. And they taste better compared with the bland vegetables that are grown in an industrial way.

You can switch to organic farming if you

  • Maintain the fertility and biological activity of the soil.
  • Increase soil quality by multi-annual crop rotation including legumes and other green manure crops.
  • Feed your organic livestock only 100 per cent organic feed that meets their needs at that stage of their development - either from your own or a neighbouring farm. Certain exceptions may apply - eg if 100 per cent organic feed is unavailable in your area, you can provide feed from an in-conversion holding. If you cannot get certain organic ingredients, you may be able to include non-organic ingredients approved for use in organic feeds.
  • Feed suckling animals only with natural milk, preferably maternal.
  • Use livestock manure or organic material - preferably composted from organic production - either from your own or a neighbouring farm.
  • Stop the use of growth promoters, synthetic amino acids, herbicides and pesticides in your system.
  • You are only permitted to use substances from an authorised list
  • You must display labels showing where your organic products were farmed
  • You must ensure that at least 95 per cent of the produce ingredients are organic to label a produce as ‘organic’
  • You must not use genetically modified (GM) organisms or products produced from or by these in organic production

Follow the money

Yes they are more expensive because there are more costs involved by farming this way and this way of farming is not supported by subsidies. Our food system is designed to drive overproduction of commodity crops—supplying the cheap wheat, corn, soy and rapeseed that drive factory farms and corporate profits. These cheap crops are essential for manufacturing processed foods that drive chronic diseases.

Who's barking against it and why?

Prof Tom Sanders, head of the Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division at King's College London's School of Medicine, said: "This article is misleading because it refers to antioxidants in plants as if they were a class of essential nutrients, which they are not." 

Does sugar play an essential role here?

One of the UK government’s most trusted scientists on diet, sugar and heart disease, Professor Tom Sanders, has been given £4.5 million towards his research by sugar giant Tate & Lyle.

The human requirement for added sugar is ZERO grams/day. There is no established essential requirement for carbohydrates in the scientific literature despite the fact that we are being fed 60% of our diet.

What can you do?

By purchasing sustainable foods from your local farmer or grocery store, you support the farmers who are raising food responsibly and actively encourage the growth of a more sustainable food system.

I personally go to Harringay Market and buy my raw unpasteurised milk, chicken livers and other real foods.

Harringay Farmers Market

Harringay Farmers Market


Seven steps to help Rooney (and maybe yourself) to loose his belly


Step 1. Fire your nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer

Or anyone else who's literally advising you on how to get fat, although you are paying them to support you in your quest to get leaner.

US Dietician acting  as an industry rep: selling industrial toxic, addictive crap

US Dietician acting  as an industry rep: selling industrial toxic, addictive crap

Most dieticians sell industrial crap with a stupid smile on their faces. Their pervert advice has a very low professional standard. Tragically they have an important contribution to the mass misinformation and (in my view) are accomplice responsible for diet related conditions such as femaleathletetriad, diabetes , heart disease, cancer and other diet related diseases that millions suffer from today. 

Eat less, exercise more
— Industry Rep

You cannot simply believe that even a top athlete is not exercising enough and eating too much! Rooney is not in his best shape (both aesthetically and as a football player) but to he must be doing intense and extensive exercise sessions at his home club or with England's team. I assume he is working out 4 to 6 hours daily at top level.

If you are relying on professionals that are ignorant towards the modern science of nutrition (be it scant and rather poorly done) and they do advise you to be in fat storage mode, it's time to get a new one! If they believe and preach the "eat less, exercise more" dogma you are in trouble.

That is equal to your plumber telling you that it's your fault for the leaks that drip from his recently completed plumbing work! You should keep the water mains switched off permanently to avoid them, they may argue.

It may sound bizarre but I cannot think of any other profession where the effectiveness is so low that we'd be better without it. After all we did just fine for 2.5 million years without no one telling us what to eat.

How did we get here?

In 1977 millions of Americans were unwillingly enrolled in the biggest dietary "experiment" (BIGEx) of all times (1). This was done in utter ignorance of scientific method (not even one intervention trial to support it) and based solely on a terribly poor associational study (2) with cherry picked data. The Americans, and the world afterwards, was brainwashed into believing that somehow ancients foods were causing new diseases: in this case heart disease.

sheep mcgov

The lad pictured is Senator McGovern, who led the committee that wrote the report. They also tried to persuade sheep that eating grass will cause them to become sick and therefore should switch to eating Monsanto GMO soy instead.

At the time more than half of the Americans were smoking (duh). This had maybe to do with he fact that their doctors were advertising Camel cigarettes. We will come back to this parallel because it's really important.  BIG Food and BiGger than ever Tobacco are literally the same industry.

If you are in the nutrition field or you want to get to the bottom of this you should read Gary Taubes' book (3). You can briefly read a  history of the how their dietary guidelines enfolded (4) or watch what happened since (Obesity boom video). It may have occurred to you whilst walking on our streets.

What to do?

If you are getting free advice/marketing that sounds like the above guidelines (i.e. eat less saturated fat, count calories, eat "healthy" whole grains, everything in moderation etc.) ignore it, unless you want to get the diseases that are obvious primary outcomes of the BIGEx: obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

If you are paying for a plumber or a nutritionist/dietician that gives you such crappy advice, fire them straight away!

Next time I'll blog about Calories! You'll find out what how many calories in a medium size dog shit (sugar coated) and how a measure of heat from thermodynamics was set up as a biology law.