Eat fat get lean

What are you waist-ing for?

The following blog post is based on actual events. The results highlighted below are based on the author's understanding that human health is based on the best food that we can source. In the author's understanding the majority of chronic conditions stem from inappropriate food intake, thereby obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure heart disease and other prevalent chronic conditions are merely symptoms of malnutrition. The application of this understanding to resolve the cause of such ailments has been applied to yield the results in the case below. 

Here are some awesome results achieved by Faheem who was brave and wise enough to adopt and apply the Eat Fat Get Lean approach to health.

  • Timeframe: 4 months (After pictures taken on 21 May)

  • Start: 21 January

  • Age: 47 years

  • Lifestyle: Eat Fat Get Lean

    • Real food only

    • Zero toxic industrial food imitations

    • High quality animal foods (high welfare) mainly

    • Zero wheat/barley/rye grains

    • Carbohydrate containing plant foods to level of insulin resistance/sensitivity

    • Physical fitness - focus on musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditioning, improving of movement complexity.

    • Level of compliance 95-100%

Macronutrient profile real food

* Non essential for humans; manufactured in the liver through gluconeogenesis when needed
Eat Fat Get Lean.png

Real food*

*Not as advertised on TV


Before and after front picture

Before and after side picture

Before and after side picture

Before and after body fat percentage estimate (BIA)

Before and after body fat percentage estimate (BIA)

Eat Fat Get Lean Rocks

Individual implications:

  • significant health and wellbeing improvements

  • significant increase in work productivity

  • significant improvement in quality of life

Societal/Economical/Political implications?

What if 95% of the UK population would adopt a similar health improvement approach based on real foods and physical movement?

  • It is the author's understanding that such a shift would represent an existential threat to the biggest corporations in the world

Are you brave enough to attempt radically transforming your health?

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