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✓Motivation and accountability.


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Many coaches could make you fit. My goal is to help you to change your life.

Lucian obtained his Advanced Personal Training Diploma in 2009 and furthered his knowledge with an Diploma in Exercise Referral in 2013. He started his health & fitness career by volunteering and then completing a work placement at Central YMCA, London.

He graduated from University of Greenwich with a Bachelor of Sports Science degree in 2013. During his undergraduate studies he worked in community centres around East London as a Fitness Instructor.

In September 2013 he started employing full time to one-on-one personal training and health coaching. Using his  integrated method, Lucian has worked successfully with numerous clients, constantly evolving his approach to ensure that his clients have access to the most cutting edge and proven methods of body fat reduction and the most comprehensive support through his programmes.

Working in Central and East London, Lucian delivers high quality personal training and lifestyle coaching to his clients and their enduring results keep him inspired and resourceful.

His focus is on coaching an individualised diet and exercise approach that is based on biology and science as opposed to dogmas and beliefs.